The troll face is one of the most popular memes in today’s culture. Usually portraying a mischievous facial expression this troll face is typically used when, well you guessed it, someone is being an internet troll. The meme is one of my favorites because it has been applied to one of the funniest situations ever, for instance using a

trollcelebrity photo from when they were ugly and using the face as a remark that implies “oh my god that’s
hideous.” This meme was also highly popularized with the rise of the “forever alone” concept that continued to troll on woman who are single.  The troll face however has slowly made its way out of the “meme” world as the rise of other memes such as “B**ches be like” has taken over that ridicule the actions of what people do or say as an exaggeration to what they are really doing. The world of memes continues to change throughout the weeks. Similarly to the Gregory Brothers, meme’s are now easier to create with the creation of meme apps such as “Meme Generator” and “I’d Cap That” app

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